F. The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency


1 DVSA Role

2 Complaints Regarding the DVSA

1 DVSA role

DVSA administers the MOT Service on behalf of the Secretary of State. This role includes the following functions:

a. documenting test methods and standards;

b. documenting the standards of facilities, equipment, repute, experience, competence, qualifications and administration necessary for those carrying out MOT testing;

c. authorising those who meet the necessary standards to carry out MOT testing;

d. ensuring the provision of training in test methods and administration to those who will be involved in the operation of the MOT Service, standards are agreed with the Department. This provision is delivered through Third party Training Providers approved by participating Awarding Organisations that meet DVSA requirements.

e. updating and maintaining access to MOT test related documentation;

f. monitoring the performance of those carrying out MOT testing and recommend, retraining and/or disciplining where standards are not maintained;

g. conducting statutory appeals against test failures;

h. investigating complaints about testing standards and resolving disputes.

2 Complaints Regarding DVSA

All complaints regarding DVSA should be directed in the first instance to the Corporate Office at DVSAs headquarters.

Details on who to contact can be found at:

https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/driver-and-vehicle-standardsagency/ about/complaints-procedure