Appendix 5: Tester Qualifications


1 National Craft Certificate

2 City and Guilds

3 Business and Technician Education Council

4 Scottish Vocational Education Council

5 National Vocational Qualification or Scottish Vocational Qualification

6 The Institute of Motor Industry

7 Automotive Technician Accreditation

8 ABC Awards

The vocational educational qualifications acceptable to DVSA are listed below. Proof of qualifications will be required in the form of copies of the final certificate (or copies of duplicates issued by the examining authority) and a Training provider may request to see the original certificate. ‘Records of Achievement’, unit credits towards the final certificate, or other similar documentation are not acceptable. Periodically, extra qualifications are added to this list. Additions can only be made by DVSA after consulting the awarding body and satisfying ourselves that the qualification represents an appropriate level of achievement. This verification process is not quick and can sometimes be impossible if the awarding body no longer exists. If you have qualifications not on the list but which you believe to be equivalent please send evidence of the qualification with your application to your chosen Training provider. Where qualifications are from an unfamiliar source the applicant maybe required to provide further supporting information.

1. National Craft Certificate

a. In the specialism of Vehicle Maintenance and Electronic Systems.

2. City and Guilds

a. Repair and Servicing of Road Vehicles, 383 - full level 2 or 3;

b. Motor Vehicle Craft Studies, Modular - part 3 (requires 3 modules);

c. Motor Vehicle Craft Studies, 381 - full part 2 or 3;

d. Motor Vehicle Craft Studies (pre 381 syllabus) - full part 2;

e. Light Vehicle Mechanics Craft Studies - full part 2 or 3;

f. Heavy Vehicle Mechanics Craft Studies - full part 2 or 3;

g. Motor Vehicle Technician's Certificate - full Part 1;

h. Automotive Qualification NVQ Level 3.

3. Business and Technician Educational Council

a. Motor Vehicle Engineering Studies, National Certificate or ONC.

4. Scottish Vocational Education Council

a. National Certificate in Vehicle Mechanics and Systems, Part 3.

5. National Vocational Qualifications or Scottish Vocational Qualifications

a. Vehicle Mechanical and Electronic Systems - Maintenance and Repair (LV or HV) Level 3;

b. Vehicle Technician - Vehicle Maintenance and Repair (LV or HV) Level 3.

6. The Institute of Motor Industry (IMI)

a. IMI Level National Diploma in Vehicle Maintenance and Repair (LV or HV) VRQ (Level 3).

7. Automotive Technician Accreditation

a. ATA Light Vehicle, Diagnostic Technician b. ATA Light Vehicle, Inspection Technician

8. ABC Awards

a. Vehicle Technician Accredited Assessment (VTAA)